Half Way

Yesterday was the half-way point of my photography challenge.

  • I’ve taken approximately 4800 pictures since September 7th
  • My primary camera just took it’s 6000th picture yesterday
  • I’ve become very comfortable with the camera settings and controls
  • Taken pictures in New York City, North Carolina, Miami, and Anna Maria Island

In the second half of the year I’m looking forward to printing some pictures.  I haven’t done that yet but I’ve ordered a Canon Pixma Pro 100.  It will be nice to see some of these pictures on paper and hanging on the wall instead of just on a computer screen.

We have some exciting travel in the second half of the year as well.  We’ll be going to Chicago in late March, North Carolina in April, then again in July, Scotland and France in June, and Miami in June and July.

I’m also looking forward to doing some more in black and white.  The Arcos profile on the Fuji cameras makes for a nice black and white photo.  I’ve gone out in the backyard a couple nights and tried some long exposure night pictures but I’m going to do some more when we are traveling and in areas where it gets a little darker at night.

March 7, 2019 – Bamboo strips, milled and ready to begin splicing.


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