Since I’m nearing the end of my year I thought I would go ahead and put up some thoughts about the equipment I’ve been using this year and how it has changed over the course of the year.

I began the year using a Fuji XT-20 with the 18-55 kit lens and the Fuji 27mm pancake lens.

I added the Samyang 12mm and Fuji XC50-230 pretty early on to cover focal lengths that the kit lens didn’t reach.

I also bought a used Fuji XE-2 which gave me the opportunity to try out the older 16mp sensor and have a Fuji backup that shared lenses and batteries.

When the Fuji XT-30 was released in the Spring I decided to trade in the XE-2 along with the 18-55mm kit lens to have a matching body to my XT-20 with the latest sensor and autofocus tech.  The main reason I decided to upgrade so quickly was the deal that Fuji offered allowed me to buy the Fuji 50mm lens for a $300 discount.  I also added the new Fuji 16mm 2.8 to have a smaller wide-angle option.

So what’s in my bag today:

Fuji XT-30 – My primary camera, love the joystick for choosing autofocus points

Fuji XT-20 – Nearly everything of the XT-30, but I usually use it with manual focus lenses

Samyang 12mm – A great wide angle lens, I bought mine used for under $200

Fuji 16mm 2.8 – A nice compact option, but if I had to get rid of a lens this one would be first out the door.

Fuji 27mm 2.8 – A great lens that is on my camera all the time.

Fuji 50mm – A nice sharp telephoto lens.  The 16, 27, and 50 make a great lightweight kit.

Fuji XC50-230 – An impressive lightweight option, I found my copy used for under $140.

ONA Bowery Bag – Great for a camera and 2-3 primes

Peak Designs 10L Sling – I can fit everything listed above in this bag, plus strap a tripod to it.  So if I’m taking everything, this is the bag I carry.

iPad Air – I’ve been doing most of my blog post and editing on the iPad for the last few months.  I seldom get on my computer anymore.

What I’d like to Add:

Fuji 100-400 – I would like to have a faster, longer lens for wildlife photography.  Fuji recently had this lens on sale for $1250 which is a significant discount for a $1900 lens.  Once they put it on sale again or I find a good used one I’d really like to have this option.

Helios 44-2 – I’ve seen quite a few Fuji photographers making use of this older very common Russian lens.  I’ll be getting one in the next couple days.

As far as cameras, I would love to try the Fuji Medium Format system someday.  I’ll probably rent one sometime in the next year for a vacation, but with the cost to buy into the medium format system I won’t realistically own one unless I can sell some pictures and make it pay for itself. I’m truthfully very content with my current setup and have been happy with my prints up to 20″x30″.


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