About Me

I’ve discovered that I’m a very goal oriented person.  Last year I built a boat; it was pretty simple and basic as far as boats go, I guess, but it turned into a four month project occupying a couple hundred hours of my time.  A few years before that I built my first bamboo fly fishing rod and I have made about twenty five since then.  Each rod takes anywhere from 30-60 hours depending on how much extra work I do making parts and pieces that are usually bought.  I’ve found that I enjoy the process of making and creating much more than the finished product.

I’ve attempted photography twice in my adult life.  The first time in my early twenties with a Nikon D80, and again about five years ago with a Lumix G3.  The DSLR was just too big (and expensive) to comfortably carry fishing, which was how I spent much of my time in my early twenties.  The micro four-thirds G3 never quite captured the pictures I wanted with the kit lens – not that it was any fault of the camera – so it didn’t get used much.  This spring I decided I wanted a camera better than an iPhone, and I wanted to use it for some video work as well.  I ended up choosing a Fuji X-T20 and shortly after it arrived, I used it for several rod making videos.  I’ve carried it fishing enough to be comfortable with it, especially with the small 27mm lens.

Maybe this will be the time I really get comfortable with a camera.  Starting on my birthday I’ve decided to challenge myself to ten pictures a day, every day, no exceptions.